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The theme for Malawi ministry work and development is “Building His Church”!

The focus is to train and equip strategic leaders to lead each ministry in a dimension of leadership to be prayerful, relevant, dynamic and building teams to meet the needs of the people.

The strategy is to equip each member to communicate the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST to usher in the power of God into the lives of people and connect them with their SUFFICIENT SAVIOR and LORD, becoming a CHURCH BUILDER through the using and the functioning of their calling, gifts and talents while brining all GLORY to GOD our Father.

Through GUTHRIE BIBLE TRAIINNING CENTER we are raising the level of Biblical Knowledge and the application of principles. During this past term 18 students attended, 9 men and 9 women. One women gained 99.4% for all five subjects she took this term. Praise God with us that women will continue to rise-up to lead where God places them to increase ministry workers.

Two former students Nelson Mnthunya and Raphael Ndenguma were able to complete their Diploma Course at WORLD HARVEST THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE last year and together with 4 other national teachers they were able to teach the Chichewa classes at GBTC this past term. This year we are also receiving guest teacher from USA to assist in teaching the English classes at GBTC and thank God with us for Rev. Danny & Judy Williams who came and assisted us this past February term. Pray for Rev. David and Twila Sasser who will come and help teach and develop the library during the October term. If you are available to assist in teaching this coming term, 21st May – 5th of June let me know. Thank God, I was able to coordinate training the teachers presenting English and Chichewa classes and managed the term administration and take on the assistant director’s duties.


Through the BIBLES FOR MALAWI PROGRAM we were able to provide all students with Bibles to prepare them to lead training and study groups in their area. Children’s Bibles has been distributed to the students who have taken the course “Teaching Pre-scholars God’s Word”. These coming months the audio Bible will be distributed to church communities to assist the illiterate to be able to hear the word of God.

Through the WAKET PROGRAM (W.I.N. – “Winning All Kids for Christ”) most of the regions had the opportunity to be able to gather their children’s workers, parents and grandparents to take the course “Teaching Preschoolers God’s Word”. This course has now also been translated in Chichewa and is being taught by the national teaching team. These coming months this course will be taught in areas where there was HUNGER since their crops failed due to no rain last year. The preschool kids and parents will be fed during the course and observations will be made about the coming harvest. During December the ANNUAL CHILDREN’S WORKERS TRAINING was presented and 21 students were trained. The children’s Ministry leaders were also able to take a course in writing books for children. Our goal is to produce at least 5 kid’s books this year to be published next year for kids in Malawi to read the gospel. This coming December the children’s workers and leaders will be trained to be able to grow a “Kitchen Garden” to sustain kids with a lot more nutrition for better learning and development. In the lower part of Malawi where there is no orphan care but thank God for Raphael Ndenguma who is in the process of developing the Day Orphan Care and Learning Centre – Bethany. This program also supports the development of the teachers and leaders of children’s ministry to function as a help to the church in all ministries. Your support to the program is helping me lay a foundation to meet all the needs of children in Malawi through the local churches, supporting the developing ministries and projects.

INTERN MINISTRY WORKERS, Rachel Burns Stafford and Jessica Wood came to Malawi to learn and help in the ministry during their College Semester holidays. Pray for them as they plan to return to accomplish ministry work in what touched their heart to develop. Pray for Amber Roy who is preparing to come to Malawi in December to assist in Youth Camp and the Annual Children’s Workers Training to lead them in intercession and worship.

FARMING GOD’S WAY is a program in which the pastor in the hunger areas were trained to be able to yield three crops a year to increase the harvest to the level of assisting others in need.

Pray as plans are being made that all pastors in Malawi will be able to take up this training to feed their own families well and meet the needs of others.

REGIONAL CONFERENCES will be taking place in April & May. Pray as these conferences in each area will impact the leaders and ministry workers to ignite their passion and strategies to be effective ministry workers in their area building GOD’S CHURCH and proclaiming the gospel!

CHURCH BUILDING PROJECT, Ngumbe Church sponsored by Emmanuel PHC in Raleigh, NC is in process. Pray for the challenges faced to see this Church and school building rise and the escalating cost running over the budget, pray for more seed sowers to arise and assist in church buildings and roofing of churches in Malawi.

You are making an IMPACT with your support to my ministry call, programs and projects to make all the achievements and developments possible. I thank God for you as you continue and strengthen your support. WMM-IPHC Box 12609. Oklahoma City, OK 73157. Earmark your specific support with account number and earmark your check.

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